30m Kit & Brake


Award winning Zip-Lines Ireland are the Only Irish manufacturer of garden zip-line kits in the World! Our specially designed zip-lines are made of the highest quality, are CE approved and come in a variety of pre-cut lengths and black or white trolley.

These are the strongest domestic zip-line kits on the Irish market holding up to 90kg are made from galvanised steel and designed to be simple to install (DIY), you can have these kits up in just 30 minutes when you have existing structures to work with.

All lengths are inclusive of the 1.5m ‘sling’ cable.

Kits come with:

  • Galvanised steel cable
  • Steel Trolley with handles
  • U-Clamps
  • Plastic seat on adjustable rope
  • Tensioner
  • Instructions
  • Bungee Brake KitFor best results follow instructions carefully and replace the cable every year, we offer the option to purchase this part separately at a great price for returning customers.

Please follow set up instructions carefully, the incorrect installation of zip-lines can result in serious injury or death, this is a domestic zip-line and suitable for people up to 113kg when installed correctly.

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