30m Zip-Line Rubber Seat & Brake


30m Zip-Line with Rubber Seat & Brake

This is a full 30m ZLI zipline kit complete with bungee brake & Heavy Duty Rubber seat. Upgrading the plastic seat that comes with the regular ZLI kits makes the kit last longer, the seat is stronger and gives a more sturdy feel to the zip-line. This is a fab addition to the kit and the seat comes with an extra long chain that you can trim to your preferred length.

Kit Contents:

  • Galvanised Steel Cable & Sling Cable measuring 30m total
  • Galvansied Steel Trolley with dual ball bearings and rubber grip handles
  • U-Clamps & Tensioner
  • Heavy Duty Rubber seat on chain with protective sleeve
  • Bungee Brake

Save over €20 compared to purchasing separately.

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