GreenHouse VENUS 5000 (6′x8′)

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The Venus is equipped with 1 or 2 roof vents, depending on size and the structure has been strengthened with the inclusion of roof braces, with additional side braces in the Venus 7500. All Venus models have been approved by the TÜV Standards Authority. The complete Vitavia range is available in both Powder Coated Green or *Anodised Aluminium (*Anodisation is a process the aluminium goes through to keep it looking pristine throughout its life).This ensures your Greenhouse will look new for years to come

Simply select your size, Colour and Glazing options from the drop down menu below.

NOTE:  When selecting your greeenhouse type, please note glazing option selected should be the same type as colour option selected. However aluminium is available in all three options (3mm Horticultural glass, 3mm Toughened glass and 4mm Polycarbonate.

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