340-5000 Race Sport Enclosed, 5.0m x 2.0m bed, 2.6t, 2 Axle, (16’4″x6’6″)


A real advantage is obtained by starting with perhaps the best standard car transporter available in Europe today. Race Sport chassis is a very close relation to the A Transporter, with many significant features being carried over entirely. Preserved is the low weight, high strength steel chassis with a 2.0m or 2.1m load area width and low mudguard clearance heights as well as the fully punched deck providing a superior vehicle restraint option in the form of adjustable wheel chocks and circumference wheel strapping. To create the appealing and practical Race Sport aesthetics, Brian James Trailers have engineered a fully CNC machined GRP composite panel and high specification GRP body mouldings. Also incorporated are features unavailable at this price level elsewhere, such as a full length clear gel GRP daylight roof.

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PRICE: € 13,440 + VAT


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