Wheelchair Platform Swing


A visit to any local park instantly conveys the pure joy felt when swinging. You can hear children shrieking with delight as they swing higher and higher way before you see them. The wheelchair platform Swing from TFH enables wheelchair users to experience both the joy and the physical benefits of swinging.

Swinging is an excellent source of vestibular input used in sensory integration therapy for children with sensory processing disorders. It can help to develop gross motor skills including balance and co-ordination, as well as fine motor skills such as gripping. Swinging encourages children to use their imaginations – they could pretend to be a bird soaring through the sky, an aeroplane, an astronaut.

As any play therapist will confirm, imaginative play brings a huge range of emotional and physical benefits. Play performs a vital role in children’s mental and physical development.

The wheelchair platform together with the swing frame works to include children with limited mobility.

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