Root & Knotweed Barrier

9.00 Per M2

Root Barrier C3 is a tough, flexible and puncture resistant barrier which is highly
resistant to root penetration and designed to protect structures and services from tree root
damage, as well as controlling the spread of invasive plants (such as Japanese Knotweed,
Giant Hogweed, Mares Tail and Bamboo).
Tree Pits: Lining the sides of planting pits with Root Barrier C3 controls sideways
spread of roots into the surrounding area where they can cause damage to property,
pavements and services.
Foundations: Installing a buried perimeter sheet wall of  Root Barrier C3 can prevent
roots undermining foundations and control subsidence from ground shrinkage caused by
trees drawing moisture out of the soil.
Service Channels: Encasing new service trenches with Root Barrier C3 protects
pipes from root fracture and provides a physical warning during any subsequent excavations.
Japanese Knotweed : Root Barrier C3 is also used extensively for containment cells, or as a
horizontal or vertical barrier, to protect clean soil, structures, hard surfaces and services from
the spread of Japanese Knotweed.

Rolls are 4m wide

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