Screened topsoil with added grit and sand


This blend is designed to enhance drainage and provide a suitable structure for plant growth.

  • Screened Topsoil (50%):

    • This is the base of your mix. Screened topsoil is soil that has been sifted to remove large debris such as rocks, roots, and clumps.

  • 6mm Grit (34%):

    • Grit  is added to improve drainage. The 6mm size provides aeration and prevents the soil from becoming too compacted.

  • Horticultural Sharp Sand (16%):

    • This sand is used to improve the health of lawns by providing extra drainage, thereby, helping to also eliminate moss. It is included for its drainage ability to aid in the overall balance of the soil mix.

The resulting blend is well-balanced for plants that prefer well-draining soils.

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