FERTISOL organic Fertilizer 10Kg


FERTISOL is 100% natural, has an average N-P-K of 4-3-3 and contains 62% organic matter. The organic fertilizer contains 1.3% Magnesium, 10% Calcium, different trace elements, humic and fulvic acids. The composted organic fertilizer pellets contain a high percentage of organic matter, have a high water retaining capacity and are completely free of weeds. FERTISOL is of indispensable value for every type of soil.

Advantages of FERTISOL:

  • Improvement of soil structure and -fertility.
  • Balanced and healthy soil life.
  • High levels of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium.
  • Rich addition of many other elements, such as magnesium, calcium and trace elements.
  • After spreading the nutrients will be released slowly to the soil.


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