Barn owl box


The nocturnal Barn owl chooses barns, church towers and rafters to breed in. Due to renovations on these buildings, suitable locations are becoming more and more scarce and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Barn owls to find a suitable nesting location. At night the Barn owl hunts for small rodents. While hunting it usually flies very close to the ground. This Barn owl box, which is attuned to the needs of the owl (a dark nesting space), is a suitable nesting space for these majestic creatures. The partition on the inside creates additional darkness. It also helps in keeping Martens and other predators out of the nest. This Barn owl box is well suited for mounting on barns, stables and church towers. The nesting box can also be placed in attics. In which case the owl must be able to get to the nesting box directly through a hole in the facade. The entrance hole has to be clearly visible for the owls from the outside and they have to be able to approach it and fly away with ease. Place the Barn owl box facing as much North or East as possible and 6 to 8m (19.7 to 26.2 ft) above the ground. Be warned: After a succesful brood the nesting box may not be cleaned again.

  • suitable for the Barn owl
  • can be opened through hinged side
  • fixtures not included

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