Glenview Horticulture Grit

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Horticultural Grit is a type of coarse sand or fine gravel that is commonly used in gardening and horticulture. It is added to soil mixes to improve drainage and aeration, particularly in containers or raised beds. Horticultural grit helps prevent soil compaction, enhances water drainage, and promotes a healthier root environment for plants.

The grit particles are usually mineral-based, such as crushed granite, limestone, or quartz. The size of the particles can vary, but they are generally larger than the particles in standard potting soil. Horticultural grit is beneficial for plants that prefer well-draining soil, like succulents, alpines, and certain herbs.

Gardeners commonly mix horticultural grit with other growing media to create a well-balanced and well-draining soil mix. The addition of grit is especially useful in situations where the native soil has poor drainage properties. It aids in preventing waterlogged conditions that can be detrimental to plant roots by allowing excess water to drain away more efficiently.

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