Divot Mix


Purpose: This blended mixture is intended for repairing existing lawns or pitches, making it a convenient solution for addressing various issues in the turf. It is particularly useful after scarification of the lawn.  Scarification involves removing thatch and moss, allowing the grass to breathe and promotes a healthier lawn.

Composition: The combination of horticultural sharp sand and green compost creates a mix that contains nutrients, sand for structure, and organic matter from the compost.

Moisture Retention: The compost element in the mixture is to aid in moisture retention. This is crucial for the effective germination of seeds, as it provides a suitable environment for growth.

Application Instructions: Spread and rake out as required. Users can adjust the amount based on their specific needs.

Equipment Rental: We offer lawn scarifiers and hollow core aerators for hire.

This product is a convenient and comprehensive solution for lawn repair and maintenance, providing a well balanced mixture of sand and compost.

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