3 Set Pack (Shovel / Brush / Rake)

Darby O/S Irish Shovel 4 Ft: The Darby O/S 4 Ft Irish Shovel  is suitable for transferring all materials such as dirt, mulch, or gravel. This is a heavy use tool for a multitude of tasks. Indispensable to homeowners with any general farming and gardening requirements.

14In Yard Brush Clamped: The 14in Yard Brush – with Clamp is a complete heavy duty yard brush that makes sweeping any large area a breeze, featuring a robust wooden handle & head and a durable metal clamp.

Jost Plastic Hay Rake with 5 Foot Wooden Handle: The head of this hay and leaf rake is made of high quality plastic and is strong enough for most jobs.32 Teeth.  Handle length: 5 Foot. Rake length: 25″



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